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Leadership & Staff
Olga Rodriguez
CEO and Administrator

I started Armonia after working over 30 years throughout the nursing spectrum from Pediatrics to adult care and working in administration for the last 20 years. I felt there could be improvement in the care provided to home health patients and wanted to provide that higher quality care, along with a friendly, professional environment for skilled staff.

Armonia means harmony. I chose it because I wanted to convey the importance of teamwork in all that we do. Working in harmony with the staff, patients and their families is key to ensuring our patients are treated with dignity and assisted in achieving a positive quality of life.

Dr. John Patterson
Hospice and Home Health Medical Director

Dr. John Patterson is a highly experienced and compassionate family medicine practitioner with a remarkable career spanning over 21 years. His unwavering commitment to healthcare has not only positively impacted countless families but has also earned him a well-deserved reputation in the field.

Dr. Patterson’s journey in medicine began at the Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa, where he laid the foundation for his future endeavors. His dedication to serving his community led him to pursue further training, and he completed his residency at Texas Tech University, refining his medical skills and knowledge.

One of the standout features of Dr. Patterson’s illustrious career is his exceptional expertise in hospice care. With over 20 years of dedicated service in this specialized field, he has provided comfort and support to patients and their families during their most challenging times. His compassionate approach and deep understanding of end-of-life care have made a profound difference in the lives of many.

What sets Dr. Patterson apart is his bilingual proficiency, allowing him to connect with a diverse range of patients and provide care in both English and Spanish. This linguistic versatility enhances his ability to communicate effectively and ensures that patients from various backgrounds receive the best possible care.

Dr. John Patterson’s extensive experience, coupled with his genuine empathy and bilingual fluency, make him an exceptional healthcare professional who continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those he serves. His dedication to family medicine and hospice care exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the well-being of his patients and their families.

Home Health
Brittany Meyer
Office Director

I’ve been working at Armonia since 2011, overseeing the office operations and keeping things running smoothly. Being a part of Armonia means being part of a friendly and supportive team. Our commitment to our patients is evident in how Armonia fosters the personal and professional development of the staff to ensure we give the best care to our patients.

Norma Gonzalez
Office Manager

I manage the office operations, including payroll and personnel files. I love the team we have at Armonia and how well we work together to prioritize the needs of our patients in a professional and timely manner.

Beatriz Solis
Medical Biller

I joined Armonia in 2013 and have enjoyed being a part of such a friendly working environment. My role involves communicating with the physician and care providers to update patient data and bill insurances appropriately.

Hospice Care
Leonor Rodriguez
Alternative Director of Nursing

As the Alternative Director of Nursing for hospice, my key responsibilities include the organization and oversight of all nursing operations for the agency.

Carla Gurrola
Office Manager

As the office manager for hospice, I maintain and organize office operations and procedures, and assign and monitor clerical functions.

Nayeli Solis
Data Entry Operator

Working at Armonia has given me the opportunity to learn new skills and work with a team of wonderful people. I work to ensure our patients’ records are accurate and up to date so their plan of care is appropriate and covered by insurance.

Pierro Pardave
Volunteer Coordinator

As the volunteer coordinator for Armonia, I organize all aspects of volunteering, from recruiting new volunteers to promoting opportunities for those who would like to donate their time.

Chris Ortega
Director of Nursing for Hospice

As Director of Nursing for Hospice, I supervise the care of all patients, working with the staff to communicate about changes in the patients’ needs. I truly enjoy caring for our patients and working to improve their lives and improve disease outcomes.

Community Liaisons
Social Workers & Chaplains
Mark Portugal

As the Chaplain I am responsible for providing spiritual guidance, counseling, and pastoral care to individuals, families, and groups.

Sara Rufasto
Bereavement Coordinator

As the Bereavement Coordinator, I coordinate all volunteer training and placement, and community-based and professional education.

Skilled Nursing
Juan Ruiz
Licensed Vocational Nurse


Patricia Arreola
Infusion Nurse


Sandra Moreno
Certified Nursing Assistant


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