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If you can’t find an answer to your question here, reach out to us. We can help walk you through the process and explain the benefits of utilizing our home health and hospice services.

How do I set up home health or hospice care for my loved one?

Contact the physician and request that the patient’s information be sent to Armonia Home Health and Hospice Care. We will review patient’s file, check the insurance benefits to confirm eligibility and, once approved, we will call you and set up a time to have a nurse come to your home for evaluation and to discuss needed services.

How to I pay for home health or hospice care?

All services are covered by Medicare. You will not be billed for anything as we will bill insurance directly.

How is the plan of care developed?

The admitting nurse will review the patient’s information and evaluate the patient to determine what is needed for treatment. The plan of care will be reviewed and approved by the physician and then the nurse will coordinate the needed care.

Do you offer long-term care?

Armonia’s care is intermittent care, not continuous. Our professionals provide the needed services —therapy, wound care, etc. — and teach family members how to help assist in the care. However, our professionals are not live-in providers. Typically, the care plan accounts for 60 days. After that, the physician will be consulted to determine if the care plan should be revised and/or extended.

What qualifications does Armonia have?

We have a combined nursing experience of 80+ years. Our hospice care services are ACHC accredited. Home health has been CHAP accredited and now State certified, which meets and exceeds minimal standards of care.

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